Indoor Furniture Ideas for Rabbits

Found Image: These rabbits have all the furniture they could possibly want.

Now that we have our indoor rabbit housing all set, let’s take a look at some furniture! Because every creature, be it human or furry, old or young, needs a place to safely relax and items to call their own. When looking for rabbit furniture, it is important to think about their needs and instincts. For example, rabbits enjoy hiding in small, dark, cave-like spaces or sitting on a raised platform; they love to hop and climb, and some prefer resting on fabric rather than the plain floor. They usually feel more comfortable when their hiding spot has more than one exit. Some rabbits like hard, cold surfaces, others choose soft and cozy spots.

When looking for or creating furniture for our bunnies, it is important to select the right kind of materials. Untreated, all natural wood is always a good choice. Unlacquered cork, untreated wicker, plastic, and plain cardboard will also work well. And let’s not forget rocks, twigs, sticks, and roots! Fabrics such as non-pilling fleece, linen, or cotton are also great for rabbits. If your rabbit chews, make sure you stay away from paint, most lacquers, and treated materials.

Ikea Duktig Bed

Bunny’s Duktig Doll Bed

Toys and Children’s Furniture
Children’s toys can easily be turned into furniture for buns! Ikea’s Duktig series has a fantastic wooden doll bed, for example. They also have a play tunnel and a play tent, which a rabbit would certainly enjoy. Beds, benches, tables, and couches sized for American Girl dolls would make cozy spots for small buns.

Cardboard Castle

We made Bunny this Castle out of tape and cardboard. It lasted a few months.

Crates and Boxes Who knew that a simple cardboard box could be so much fun? You can sit inside or on top of it, turn it into a tunnel or a house or get many and build a whole castle! And an old wooden crate makes for a great stepping stool or platform. Just turn it upside down. Sometimes you can also find 10″ shipping tubes that a small rabbit fits through.

Baskets and Tree Trunks
Wicker baskets are a lot of fun to jump on or hide in and therefore perfect for those bunnies! Most craft stores offer unlacquered ones that are safe to nibble on. Check the baskets daily and throw them out if they are damaged – rabbits could get stuck easily. Also, you may be able to find an old, untreated, and bug-free tree trunk. The best are the ones rabbits can safely chew, such as from an apple tree.

Bunny’s current castle made out of wood and felt (to prevent slipping).

Think of what you want your rabbit to have and make it! It doesn’t have to be perfect, it only has to be fun. We took pre-cut wooden boards from a home improvement store and simply sanded it and nailed the pieces together. If your bun chews wood, drill holes instead and use wooden plugs/sticks/dowel rods and add a bit of non-toxic washable school glue (Elmer’s). Any cut-outs can be created with a coping saw (you can get those for under $10).

Planters and Bricks
Rectangular stone planters that aren’t too high for a rabbit to jump on or in are fun, especially when used as hay “rack”. Stacked up bricks can make a nice labyrinth to race through or hop over as well.

Cat TowerDog/Cat Furniture
Countless pieces of furniture for cats and dogs are out there and a rabbit would enjoy them just as much. Scratch Towers are wonderful for bunnies to hop on and hide in as long as they don’t chew/eat the fabric. Also consider day beds made for dogs – some of them are finished with a child/pet-safe lacquer suitable for rabbits, too.


There are a variety of wooden houses especially made for rabbits, too, but we hope this post gave you some additional ideas how to make your bunnies happy. Not every option is right for every rabbit – sometimes you have to experiment. For example, we ended up giving Bunny’s fluffy dog bed to a friend and he ended up loving the harder surface of the doll bed – go figure! We’ve been meaning to try making a bed out of a table, maybe one day we’ll get to it. Below are a few more ideas and if you have anything to add, feel free to comment!


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