Bunny Rules

Rabbits are very small, beautiful creatures that often look incredibly innocent – yet they demand respect. And they know how to get it. These are just for fun, but you’ll surely find a little bit of truth in all of them! We will update these¬†regularly, so come back often and enjoy!



  1. By: Cintia

    on: February 22, 2014 . Reply

    Hi everybunny!

    I would like to translate your bunny rules to Portuguese …
    May I? Obviously I will mention the source. Thank you!

    • By: Bunny Approved

      on: February 22, 2014 . Reply

      Hello Cintia! Sure, you can do that! Just give us credit somewhere. Thanks! :)

  2. By: Cintia

    on: February 23, 2014 . Reply

    Oh! Thank you very much!