Shop Update: Products Ordered!

We are extremely excited right now and can barely talk about anything else! Our first big order of rabbit related products was officially placed last week and everything should arrive here in NC within the next 3 weeks! After months of researching and negotiating and waiting for replies we finally did it!

In just a few short weeks we will have a grand opening and about 300 products ready to ship. Even though this is a conservative inventory compared to other shops, this is big news for us! We truly hope you will be as excited as we are about our selections. A few item descriptions were already added to the shop (which is in DEMO mode right now, so you can view items, but not purchase them yet) and we are adding more every day. Take a peek if you are interested!

Once the items arrive we will take our own pictures and calculate the shipping costs before opening up the shop. And yes, we will ship to virtually any country if you are willing to cover the costs (international shipping can be pricey). One of the reasons why we started this project in the first place was because we couldn’t find any toys or accessories Bunny would even remotely be interested in, so we want to be sure that anyone has access to such items in the future.

Let us know if there are any products you wish to see, because if all goes well, we are here to stay and we now have access to a wide variety of items. The only things we will not carry are products that we wouldn’t offer to our Bunny – such as treats containing dairy or badly glued together play hutches (we’ve seen them and quickly moved on).

We want to promise right here and right now only to offer you products that we believe in. Most items will be Bunny Approved, but there are some that we thought we should add even though Bunny doesn’t care about them. After all, just because Bunny doesn’t like to eat sticks, it doesn’t mean no rabbit should have them.

Again, we hope you are as excited as we are! Please help spread the word, as we can only exist and grow with your support. We strive to be the most trusted rabbit shop and community with the biggest selection of products and information. What a goal!

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