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Rabbit Fur Groomer deshedding Tool

Trixie Universal Fur Groomer


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The Trixie Universal Groomer can be used for easy detangling and thinning of fur. The groomer cuts out small matted spots gently, smoothes the top coat, and untangles the base coat. Works especially well on long-haired and fuzzy animals.

Size: 2″ x 7″ / 5cm × 18cm

Bunny Approved: We tested this groomer on both Bunny and Bailey while they were shedding (more than usual). Both bunnies looked well-groomed after the session with a nice, smooth coat. It worked a little better on Bunny’s soft, fuzzy fur than on Bailey’s shorter, thicker coat. It seems that this tool is quite gentle on the skin and doesn’t pull any fur out that wasn’t loose yet. The groomer doesn’t remove as much fur as the Furminator does for us, but it can leave you with a nicer end-result, because once the loose fur is gone, the groomer stops pulling more hair.


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