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Sale!Trixie Treat Ball for Rabbits
Treat Ball

Trixie Carrot Treat Ball for House Rabbits

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This treat ball is a fantastic toy that will surely please any rabbit. Simply add your bun’s favorite dry treats; they fall out randomly as the ball gets moved. This ball has an adjustable opening, so you can make the game as easy or difficult as you like. It comes in two colors, blue or yellow (the balls are both the same size).

Size: 2.7″ / 7cm
Instincts: Grazing
Benefits: Encourages physical activity and problem solving. Serves as entertainment.

Bunny Approved: Bunny loves this toy. It never gets old, even after many months of daily use. A great investment, no doubt. We were quite surprised, because he immediately knew what to do with it and also because he never showed interest in balls before. He has gotten faster at getting all the treats out, which means we have gradually closed the opening more and more to keep the whole thing a challenge. The ball is a bit difficult to clean on the inside, so only dry treats can be used with it. If you are looking for the one toy that shouldn’t be missing in any rabbit’s collection, this is it. We like to fill it with chamomile flower buds.


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