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Snack Board for Rabbits

Trixie Snack Board


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A non-slip board with 7 lids: the rabbit has to lift the lids to get the treats. Provides exercise and mental stimulation. Made of robust plastic.

Size: 7.9″ / 20cm
Benefits: Encourages problem solving. Serves as Entertainment.
Instincts: Grazing, pulling, and digging.

Bunny Approved: This game is a lot of fun and perfect for “beginners” who have not experienced any of the other SmartBunny toys yet. After months of playing with it, Bunny has no problem finding his treats, but we still use it instead of plain handing them to him. The first video shows Bunny playing with the toy about 2 weeks after we first offered it to him. This was his first experience with logic toys (he spent most of his time in a small cage before we adopted him), so it was more challenging to him than it might be for other rabbits. The second video shows Bailey, our other bun, learning to solve the toy. This was her first experience with any kind of toy.



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