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Cage or Hutch Ramp for House Rabbits

Trixie Ramp for Rabbits


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This ramp made from glazed pine is perfect for rabbit enclosures and play areas! It simplifies getting in and out, up and down, and across. The sanded running surface supports natural wearing down of claws and prevents slipping. It can quickly and easily be extended with additional ramps. Comes with screw in hooks for hanging. Also great for bunnies that are old or handicapped! *Pictured are 2 ramps screwed together.*

Size: 7.8″ x 19.6″ / 20 × 50 cm

Bunny Approved: This ramp makes us feel very creative! It’s very simple and versatile and could be used in various ways. We are definitely going to give one to Bailey, who needs help reaching elevated surfaces.

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