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Trixie Nail Trimmers Deluxe

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These nail trimmers are great for small dogs, cats, small animals, and birds. They are particularly safe to handle due to the plastic handle with non-slip rubber grip. They come with safety lock and a limiter that prevents nails/claws from being cut too short. The blades are stainless steel.

Size: 4.7″ / 12 cm

Bunny Approved: We think these nail trimmers are a nice and sturdy option, especially for rabbits. In fact, this is the female human’s favorite tool to trim nails now! The limiter makes cutting nails a bit less scary. It doesn’t guarantee that you don’t hit the quick (it depends on the rabbit how far into the nail it extends), but it at least keeps you from cutting the nails shorter than 1/8″ at a time. We found that having the limiter touch the end of the nail is the best way to use this tool.

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