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Trixie Mini Mover SmartBunny Logic Toy for House Rabbits

Trixie Mini Mover Logic Toy


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This game is a lot of fun, because there are different problems to solve to get to the treats. The rabbit will have to pull out the drawer, flip the switch, move the sliders, and remove the pegs! A great toy for SmartBunny toy pros.

Size: 9.8″ x 7.8″ / 25cm × 20cm

Bunny Approved: This toy is similar to the Move 2 Win toy, but a little bit easier. It’s still very challenging and we would rate it medium-difficult. The “treat holes” are a bit deeper than those of other games, so a large rabbit may have problems getting small treats out.
Bunny enjoys playing with this toy! The circle-shaped indentations in the sliders throw him off a bit, because that’s where the treats usually are, not where something has to be moved. The video was taken after he had already played with the Mini Mover a few times.


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