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Trixie Himalaya

Trixie Himalaya Salt


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This all natural Himalaya Salt block comes on a rope and is therefore easy to hang up. Please be sure to consult your vet before purchasing and offering this product to your rabbit. Rabbits require a small amount of salt to survive and stay healthy. Too much salt can cause serious issues, though. A healthy diet that consists of greens and hay daily as well as sticks and roots regularly will cover a rabbit’s salt needs, which makes salt licks unnecessary.

We decided to offer these Himalayan salt blocks, because they are the only kind of salt licks that should even be considered (cheap kitchen salt products offered in many pet stores can cause kidney damage and death) for a rabbit. If you suspect a salt deficiency due to illness or current diet, this salt block may be a good solution. Again, please consult your vet before offering and always make sure your rabbit has enough water, greens, and hay at all times. Restrict access to the salt block if it gets licked too frequently.

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