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Sale!Trixie Rabbit Soft Harness and Leash Set
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Trixie Harness and Leash Set for Dwarf Rabbits

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This harness fits small dwarf breeds such as Netherland Dwarfs, Fuzzy Lops, and small Holland Lops. They changed the colors for the season and we now carry these in bright pink, light blue, and gray.

Please Note: The fabric of the last harnesses we have available may have slight imperfections. Still fully functional. They ship free if nothing else is purchased.

The leash is 47″ long and stretchy to accommodate sudden binkies as well as unexpected racing away. It comes with a wide, soft harness that covers the entire belly as well as a large area of the chest/neck.

The harness has velcro straps that go around the stomach and the chest and that are easily adjustable. It is soft and has a wide surface to distribute any sudden force evenly across the rabbit’s body.

– Leash: 47″ / 1.20m
– Harness: 9.4″-12.5″ / 24-32cm (measured around the belly)
– made of breathable mesh material and nylon
– soft harness with fully elasticated lead
– comfortable to wear due to soft padding
– extra nylon strap with snap buckle for a good fit
– fully adjustable at chest and belly
– fast and easy to put on due to Velcro

Before purchasing this product, please read this short article.

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