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Trixie Capri Hard-Shell Pet Carrier – Small

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This hard-shell pet carrier by Trixie will keep your rabbit safe while being transported. It is dark enough to offer the comforts of a cave-like surrounding and the air holes all around provide optimal air circulation. Comes in beige or red.

You can add a towel to the bottom of the carrier for your bun or get one of the non-slip inserts especially made for this item. Personally, we use pee pads folded in half.

Please Note: The carriers are on sale, because our last few have torn labels and are a little dusty from being stored in a warehouse. There is nothing wrong with the carriers themselves.

Size: 12.5″ x 12.2″ x 18.9″ / 32cm x 31cm x 48 cm; recommended for pets up to 13lbs (6 kg)

Bunny Approved: The carrier is big enough for our two Holland Lops together and when we fostered Gidget (an 8lbs Californian) she fit into it by herself, but she couldn’t stretch out. For a rabbit Gidget’s size a bigger carrier would be better. The carrier doesn’t offer a lot of extra space which makes it safer in case of an accident.

We researched safe transportation methods for rabbits and came across a crash test performed by the German motor club ADAC. According to them, a hard shell carrier placed behind the passenger seat on the floor of the car provides the best chances of unharmed survival for pets in case of an accident or full stop. We selected this carrier for our own rabbits and for our shop, because of the positive reviews and overall quality. You can read our full article about transportation here.

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