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Water Bottle Glass Rabbits

Trixie Glass Water Bottle Honey and Hopper – Large


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The glass water bottle “Honey and Hopper” by Trixie is a great solution for rabbits that tend to dump out their water bowls. It’s bite-proof and can be securely attached to any cage or wire-fence with the tension spring on the top and the wire holder on the bottom. The yellow floater helps assess the water level quickly and accurately. This glass bottle comes with a metal drinking straw with a ball valve. There is a picture of a rabbit and a guinea pig on the bottle with the words “Honey & Hopper”.

Size: 16.9 fl.oz. / 500ml

Bunny Approved: Our bunnies drink out of a water bowl, but we wanted to include this great water bottle for others. It’s nice and sturdy, can contain a large amount of water, and is dishwasher safe! As with all water bottles, it’s a good idea to check the water level at least daily and have a back-up water source if possible.

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