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Sale!Trixie Gamble Box SmartBunny Logic Toy for Pet Rabbits

Trixie Gamble Box Logic Toy

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The Trixie Gamble Box is a logic toy for dogs, but just as much fun for rabbits. By lifting the top and opening the two drawers the bunny gets the treats which are inside the gambling box. This toy is made out of plastic and has rubber feet to avoid slipping. Assembly required (the yellow peg has to be screwed on the lid).

Size: 5.9″ x 5.9″ x 3.5″ /15cm x 15cm x 9cm

Bunny Approved: We let Bunny try this toy for the first time after assuming it would be very easy for him. The drawers were a bit more of a challenge than we thought, but he figured it out eventually. It’s a fun little toy in the medium-difficult range, depending on the rabbit. The only thing we don’t like are the loops all around, so we decided to cut them in the middle for safety. It doesn’t make the toy any more or less difficult. We recommend that you modify yours, too.


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