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Trixie Flip Board SmartBunny Logic Toy for House Rabbits

Trixie Flip Board


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Another logic toy for dogs that rabbits will love! The flip board consists of sliders, pegs, and flips that need to be moved to get to the treats. Made from plastic with non-slip rubber feet.

Diameter: 9″ / 23cm

Bunny Approved: Bunny enjoys this toy very much! We have caught him flipping the lids back and forth just for the fun of it. The sliders and pegs were familiar to him, but having to flip the “bone” to open the lid was a bit more abstract than he’s used to, so he had to rethink his strategy for a bit (see video). Depending on the rabbit, we’d rate the toy medium-difficult for rabbits not used to SmartBunny toys and easy-medium for “pros”.


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