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Dandelion with Apple
Dandelion with Carrot

Trixie Dried Dandelion with Apple/Carrot

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No fresh, safe dandelion in your area? No problem! Trixie has a dried variety with added dried carrots or apple. Dandelion has many vitamins and minerals and is also an all-time favorite snack for many rabbits. The high crude fiber content ensures optimal digestion and thus enhances the overall well-being. This is an all-natural snack made in Germany.

Ingredients: Dandelion 85%, carrot or apple
Weight: 3.5oz / 100g

Bunny Approved: Just like most other rabbits, Bunny loves dandelion! He’s just as happy about it when it’s dried. You can sprinkle it over hay or feed it in a bowl. We feed a small handful a day in addition to the regular diet when available. This mix is a little more of a treat than dandelion by itself – the pieces of carrot/apple add interest, but also a bunch of sugar! Feed in moderation.

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