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Trixie Colorful Arch Swing with Rope for Pet Birds

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This bowed swing brings color and fun into your bird’s environment. The perch is made from a wooden dowel rod, so it’s evenly thick throughout. You can attach the swing to any cage easily with the included metal safety hook.

Please Note: While rabbits can play with some toys meant for other species, these particular ones are truly “just” for birds.

Small Swing: The small version is great for parakeets or finches. The perch is about 4″ wide and 0.75″ thick. There is approximately 4″ of space between the perch and the top block.

Large Swing: The large version is meant for medium-sized birds or small parrots. The perch is about 6.5″ wide and 1″ thick. There is approximately 7″ of space between the perch and the top block

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