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Bamboo Wreath for Rabbits
Bunny Eating Bamboo

Trixie Bamboo Wreath with Leaves

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Now this is truly a unique product: A dried bamboo wreath with tons of leaves still attached! It comes wrapped with jute ribbon to prevent unraveling and consists of 100% natural materials. A great, healthy treat between meals!

Please Note: This product is “real” garden bamboo and therefore edible. Bamboo intended for decoration only, such as the ones you can purchase from home improvement stores, are not edible and should not be fed to rabbits.

Small Diameter: 4.3″ / 11cm
Large Diameter: 7.8″ / 20cm

Bunny Approved: Bunny immediately started munching on the leaves and sticks when we presented the bamboo to him (after removing the jute). The bigger one (as seen in the picture) is surprisingly large for a wreath and both sizes have a good amount of leaves attached. He doesn’t go as crazy over this as he does over willow wreaths (which we don’t carry in the shop), but he enjoys nibbling on it regularly. If your bun loves to chew or tear things apart, you might want to give this a shot!

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