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Slalom and Hoop Example

Trixie Agility Slalom and Hoop Training Obstacles

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This set comes with 3 stable poles and one standing hoop with plush cover. You can train your rabbit to jump through the hoop and zig-zag between the poles to get a treat. A fun way to spend time with your rabbit and fight boredom! The set was made for cats, but it’s the perfect size for rabbits as well.

Hoop: 9″ (diameter), 12.2″ x 17.3″ / 23 cm (diameter), 31 cm × 44 cm
Pole: 1.3″ (diameter), 5.1″ x 13″ / 3.5 cm (diameter), 13 cm × 33 cm

Bunny Approved: Bunny hasn’t had a chance to try this product yet. The obstacles are great for clicker training, though, and we can’t wait to teach him some new tricks!

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