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Starwest Botanicals

Starwest Botanicals Dried Cornflowers


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These blue cornflowers from Starwest Botanicals were grown in Hungary and are kosher. They make a tasty, healthy treat for bunnies and can be used by us humans as well.

Latin Name: Centaurea cyanus
Common Names: Cornflowers, bachelor’s button, bluebottle
Weight: 4oz / 113g

“Cornflowers, Centaurea cyanus, bachelor’s button, or bluebottle as it is also called originated in Hungary and may be more than just that pretty blue flower you see in your neighbor’s garden. It has been said that Centaurea cyanus may have usefulness from its seeds as well as its leaf or petal. The Centaurea cyanus has also been mentioned as an herb that may have anti-inflammatory properties.”

Bunny Approved: Our bunnies both enjoy these cornflowers! Bunny tried fresh ones before and we are excited to be able to offer them to him year-round. We sprinkle a handful at a time over their hay when available. Don’t let the weight fool you – 4 ounces of flowers are actually more than it sounds! They come in a resealable bag, which is a big plus.

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