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Sale!Karlie Standing Hay Rack
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Karlie Wonderland Standing Hay Rack

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This standing hay rack by Karlie-Flamingo is made with untreated wood and is ready to be set up anywhere you like! It can be folded for storage and holds a nice amount of hay. There are small “Karlie Wonderland”signs in the front and back.

Please Note: The last one of these has slight dark marks on the wood. Price adjusted.

Length: 7.9″ / 20cm
Width: 4″ / 10cm
Height: 3.1″ / 8 cm

Bunny Approved: We like this hay rack, because it can be set up anywhere – even in the middle of the room. It’s nicely made and safe to chew on. It’s great for senior or disabled rabbits, especially smaller breeds. Could rabbits tip it over? Could they jump on top of it? Will the hay still spill on the floor? Yes to all of it – but it’s a cute rack and a different way to present hay may encourage hay consumption.

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