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Karlie Rody Snack-Roll

Karlie Rody Snack-Roll


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All natural Snack Roll made out of wood. Simply open it up, place your rabbit’s favorite dry treats inside, and close it. The treats fall out as the roll gets tossed around.

Length: 4.3″ / 11cm
Instincts: Grazing
Benefits: Encourages physical activity and problem solving. Serves as entertainment.

Bunny Approved: What a fun toy! This is a great alternative to the Treat Ball for those who prefer wooden products to plastic ones. This toy is a little bit more challenging to roll because of its cylindrical shape, but may not be the best option if your rabbit likes to chew wood. In that case, you may find it in pieces soon. Bunny is definitely a fan of both products, but we like the treat ball better, because it has an adjustable opening.

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