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Karlie Rody Brain Train Cube

Karlie Rody Brain Train Cube

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This fun game consists of four or six wooden cubes in a block. To get to the dry treats inside, the rabbit has to grab the rope and pull the cubes out of the block. It gets tricky once the first cube is out, because the next ones have to be moved up first. This toy is made out of unfinished wood.

Size Small (4 Cubes): 8.5″ x 3.3″ / 21.5cm x 8.5cm

Size Large (6 Cubes): 14.6″ x 3.3″ / 37cm x 8.5cm

Benefits: Encourages problem solving. Serves as Entertainment.
Instincts: Grazing and pulling.

Bunny Approved:
It took Bunny a while to master this toy, mainly because he is a gentle little bun and doesn’t like grabbing anything that isn’t a vegetable with his teeth, not to mention pulling on it forcefully. But even aside from that, this is a more advanced SmartBunny toy. It may take your bun some time and repeated “instructions” to consistently and intentionally get the treats without help, but the learning period is the funnest part anyway. As you can see in the video below, Bunny has a lot of fun playing with the Brain Train Cube and we are so proud of him for understanding it.


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