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Karlie Bunny Hop 1

Karlie Bunny Hop 1 Agility Obstacle


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This agility obstacle by Karlie-Flamingo is made of wood and perfect for energetic rabbits. It comes with 3 PVC pipes that are loosely placed on top of brackets screwed into the side posts to avoid injuries. A booklet with training instructions is included.

Size: 33″ x  9.8″ x 8.3″ / 84 cm x 25 cm x 21 cm

Bunny Approved: Bunny hasn’t had a chance to try this product yet. If you have space indoors or a fenced-in area outside and your bunny loves to jump, then this obstacle may be a great way to keep your active bun busy! Gently train your rabbit by offering treats and encouragement and be aware that jumping over obstacles is not an activity every bun enjoys. This particular obstacle is the lowest one in the series and great for beginners, but don’t let the picture fool you – it’s still quite big.

The orange base does have a strong pine smell at first, but that should go away after a few days. Rabbits should only be trained by an adult. Please do not force your rabbit to jump; this is supposed to be fun!

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