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Karlie Brain Train Board Game

Karlie Board Game


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What a fun board game! Even though this was originally made for dogs and cats, we all know that rabbits are equally smart, so this game is just as fun for them. Plus it is double-sided, so you get two games in one. Side one comes with seven pegs that fit into the seven holes. Simply hide a small dry treat underneath and let your rabbit find it. Side two requires the rabbit to move the four sliders in various directions to get to the treats underneath.

Size: 10″x 10″ / 25cm x 25cm

Benefits: Encourages problem solving. Serves as Entertainment.
Instincts: Grazing and digging.

Bunny Approved: The peg board is fun and the easier of the two games. Bunny enjoys it and it’s great for beginners. Most of the time, we use the side with the sliders, though. Since the sliders move in different directions, it’s a bit trickier than other games. It took Bunny about a month to intentionally open all the sliders consistently without our help. While he is now pretty fast at finding the treats, he still has fun with this toy, especially after a couple of days of not seeing it. We’d rate the difficulty between easy and medium.


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