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Karlie Brain Train Board Game 2

Karlie Board Game “Tricky”


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While this game was obviously made for dogs, we all know rabbits are just as smart! Simply hide small dry treats underneath the peg and slides and let your rabbit find them.

Size: 10″x10″ / 25cm x 25cm

Benefits: Encourages problem solving. Serves as Entertainment.
Instincts: Grazing and digging.

Bunny Approved: This board looks easy, but has a tricky little twist in stock for our bunnies! Not only do they have to find the treats, they have to do it in the right order. The red peg has to be taken out before the slides will move and the bottom slide can only be pushed out of the way with the help of the yellow button or by making a digging motion. Bunny was already used to a different toy that also has slides, so it didn’t take him too long to understand that the red peg needs to be removed first. Depending on the rabbit, we’d rate the toy medium-difficult for rabbits not used to SmartBunny toys and easy-medium for “pros”.


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