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Herbs of the Meadow

JR Farm Herbs of the Meadow


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The JR Farm Herbs of the Meadow Mix is a tasty addition to a rabbit’s diet. The fragrant field grasses and herbs are not only tasty, but also an important part of the menu. This mix has a lot of different vitamins and nutrients as well as crude fibers, which optimizes digestion. Once introduced, it can be fed daily.

Ingredients: Nettle, green wheat, pea flakes, raspberry leaves, broad bean flakes, melissa, marigolds, parsley, strawberry leaves, hazelnut leaves, carrots, hazel nut wood, tomato, peppers, red clover, basil, stinging nettle roots, zucchini, sunflower petals 1%, cucumbers, daisies 1%, rose blossoms 0.7%, cornflowers, mallow

Weight: 5.3oz / 150g

Bunny Approved: What a great mix of herbs and grasses rabbits would eat in the wild if they had the chance! Bunny loves this mix and we love the idea that he gets an extra nutrition boost. He gets a handful 2-3 times a week when available.

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