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Jerusalem Artichoke

JR Farm Stinging Nettle and Jerusalem Artichoke


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All natural dried Stinging Nettle and Jerusalem Artichoke leaves and stems. The high raw fiber content ensures optimal digestion. Offer mixed with hay or in addition to main feed. Once introduced it can be given daily.

Weight: 5.2 oz / 150 g

Contains: Stinging Nettle (56%), Jerusalem Artichoke (41%), and Rose Petals

Bunny Approved: This is a new item we are testing and Bunny hasn’t had a chance to try it yet. He has to ignore it for a couple of days before he can give us his opinion… It looks pretty nice to the humans – a nice mix of leaves and crunchy stems/tubes. Edit: We mixed it in with Bunny’s hay and he spent a good chunk of time eating and digging around. We say it’s a hit!

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