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JR Farm Pea Flakes

JR Farm Pea Flakes

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These Pea Flakes by JR Farm are a tasty all-natural treat for rabbits! Raw peas are not recommended for rabbits, but the flakes are different! The starch gets broken down in the process of drying and flattening the peas to create the flakes. They range in color from green to white, are rich in protein and crude fiber, easily digestible, and contain necessary amino acids.

Weight Extra Large Bag: 35 oz / 1000 g
Weight Regular Bag: 7 oz / 200 g
Weight Small Bag: 3.5 oz / 100 g

Please Note: As long as we have the big bags in stock you can contact us and ask for a smaller size. It will be repackaged and labeled by Bunny Approved.

Bunny Approved: Bunny thinks these pea flakes are candy and they are Bailey’s favorite treat! They’d eat the whole bag in one go if we’d let them. They are high in calories, so our bunnies get 1-3 flakes every couple of days when available. That means one of those bags will last a long time! If you have an underweight rabbit or a breed that needs a higher amount of energy, this is a great treat to feed to get/keep the weight up! In that case you can slightly increase the amount of flakes you feed and offer them daily. If your rabbit is overweight, you might want to go with a different treat.

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