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Herbal Garden Mix

JR Farm Herbal Garden Mix


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The JR Farm Herbal Garden Mix is a tasty and low-calorie addition to a rabbit’s diet. It consists of nine different dried herbs and helps keep the teeth short and your rabbit healthy. This mix has a lot of different vitamins and nutrients as well as crude fibers, which optimizes digestion. Once introduced, it can be fed daily.

Ingredients: Green oat, parsley 20%, green wheat, nettle 7.7%, melissa, dandelions, peppermint 3.3%, hay, lucerne, chamomile 2.3%

Weight: 3.5oz / 100g

Bunny Approved: No doubt about it, Bunny loves this mix and we love being able to offer him herbs that we can’t get fresh around here. Bunny gets a handful 2-3 times a week when available. It looks a little bit like a plain hay bag, but has the extra goodies mixed in.

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