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JR Farm Hazelnut Chews

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These all-natural hazelnut sticks help keep those rabbit teeth in check. Plus, they make a tasty, healthy treat!

Small: The small bags include 2-4 hazelnut sticks, each about 4″ long and 0.5 – 1″ thick.
Large: The large bags include 20 hazelnut stick, each about 4″ long and 0.5″ thick.

Bunny Approved: Bunny isn’t a big stick eater. He also doesn’t chew paper, cardboard, furniture, wood in general, or anything aside from cables, for that matter. If you have a rabbit that loves to chew, these hazelnut sticks are awesome and may end up being the new favorite! If your rabbit is like Bunny, check out some of the grass, flower, and herb mixes instead.

The current small batch includes unusually thick sticks – so the bags contain only 2-3 sticks overall.

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