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Ikea Signe Rug for Rabbits

Ikea Signe Flatwoven Cotton Rug

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The Ikea flatwoven “Signe” rugs are made from 100% cotton and are a big favorite with pet owners, because they are machine washable and don’t stain easily. You can place one under the food bowl or litter box to protect the carpet or in the middle of the room for your rabbits to stretch out on. Comes in beige/green, beige/pink, and beige/red/blue. The stripe pattern may vary slightly.

Length: 2 ‘ 9 ” / 85 cm
Width: 1 ‘ 10 ” / 55 cm

Bunny Approved: This rug is firm and tightly woven and fits right in with any decor. We have 2 of these rugs and they are perfect to protect the carpet when the bunnies are eating. They’re also great for naps. Our rugs get washed all the time and they are still nice, even after many months of use.

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