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Emergency First Aid Kit for Rabbits

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These will be the last emergency kits available. We do not plan to restock these. 

Even though we hope no one ever needs it, here’s our emergency kit for rabbits in case of accidents, sudden illnesses, or natural disasters! Ask your vet for additional items to complete your kit, such as metacam (a prescription pain medication), and for first aid instructions. We recommend that you also add your own dry food and hay. It’s also a good idea to have a hard-shell pet carrier with a towel to sit on ready for any emergencies.  All kits ship within 3 business days.

The following items are included in the kit and come in a red shoulder bag (IKEA’s “Förenkla“).

  • Povidone Iodine Swabsticks (2×3): first aid antiseptic to help prevent infection in minor cuts, scrapes, and burns
  • Neosporin (6): first aid antibiotic to help prevent infection in minor cuts, scrapes, and burns; 1/32oz or bigger
  • Symethicone Infant Gas Drops (by Equate, Little Remedies, or Parent’s Choice): relieve the discomfort of gas
  • Saline Wipes (2): for cleansing eye area as well as cuts and scrapes
  • Puppy Training Pads (2): use under blanket in carrier to absorb urine
  • Hand Sanitizer: for humans only; use if soap and water are not available; 0.5 fl oz
  • 100% Petroleum Jelly: use to lubricate tip of thermometer (not included); 1oz
  • Covers (4): for tip of thermometer (not included)
  • Gauze Pads: 2×2” and 4×4”
  • Syringe (4): sterile1cc for medication
  • Oral Feeding Syringe (1): non-sterile; 35cc
  • Kraft Paper Bag (2): for hay (hay not included)
  • Cotton Balls
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Water: 10 fl oz
  • Oxbow Critical Care (Apple Banana): premium recovery food; can be syringe-fed if rabbit is unwilling to eat due to illness, surgery, or poor nutritional status; 141g
  • All Natural Baby Food: flavor depends on availability; bought in small quantities for best expiration date
  • Styptic Powder: stops minor bleeding after nail trimming; by Furbuster as pictured or by Remedy Recovery
  • 3M Vetrap Bandages: self-adherent bandaging tape; also used to prevent sore hocks; 2″ x 5 yards stretched
  • Bag Balm: treat minor sores and irritation; 1oz
  • Scissors: blunt-tipped
  • Anti-Pill Fleece: fabric, 18×29″
  • Food Storage Container with Lid: use as water bowl or to prepare Critical Care
  • Plastic Freezer Bag (2): for dry food (pellets or treats; food not included); quart
  • Furimals Warming and Cooling Pet Mat: optional addition to kit; L 22.25″ x W 12.00″ x H 1.50″; may be drop-shipped

Possible Additions (not included):

  • Pain Medication such as Metacam (consult vet, this is prescription medication)
  • Digital Rectal Thermometer
  • Electrolyte Replacement Drink (unflavored Pedialyte for infants)


Please note that we are no vets and all items included in the kit are simply collected as options in case of emergency. Bunny Approved is not responsible for the correct use of the products and we recommend that you go over the contents of the kit with your vet. Dosages of Symethicone and Critical Care depend on the rabbit’s size; please ask your vet for the right dosage for your rabbit. The kit is not a substitute for proper medical assistance.

Questions about the kit?

What is the expiration date on the items included?

Povidone Iodine Swabsticks Exp. 2020
Neosporin Exp. 08/20 or later
Symethicone Infant Gas Drops Exp. 12/20 or later
Saline Wipes Exp. 2020
Oxbow Critical Care Exp. 04/20 or later
Hand Sanitizer Exp. 06/20 or later

Can I purchase refills from you?
Yes! Everyone who owns one of our kits can contact us for refills. We cannot guarantee that we always have everything in stock, though. If we don’t, it might take up to 2 weeks to re-order.

Are you going to make a smaller kit in the future?
At this point we do not have plans to create other kits. However, a few items included in the kit are available separately on our website.

Why is the kit so expensive?
Because it’s filled with tons of stuff! If you purchased each item yourself, online or at local stores, you’d actually end up paying more for everything. And let me tell you, it took me 3+ weeks to track everything down, choose the right product, the best source, and get everything over here.

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