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3M Vetrap Self-Adherent Bandaging Tape

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3M’s Vetrap Self-Adherent Bandaging Tape is perfect for rabbits with small wounds or sore hocks. It is an elastic bandage which applies pressure to inhibit bleeding. It is flexible enough to not cut off circulation when used properly with padding (fur or cotton). Adheres to itself so no clips or fasteners are needed.

Colors vary. If you prefer not to receive a color commonly associated with a particular gender, please let us know at check-out and we will try to accommodate the request.

Size: 2″ x 5yards (stretched)
Color: Assorted (include blue, yellow, green, purple, pink, and orange)

  • bandage sticks to itself (but not to fur)
  • conforms around contours that are difficult to bandage
  • provides support, protection and bandage security
  • allows skin to breathe through cool, lightweight, porous material
  • absorbs virtually no moisture
  • versatile
  • high-performance bandaging tape for a broad spectrum of applications

Please do not use on open sores. If your rabbit has sore hocks or an open wound, consult your vet first. Place fur (from shedding) or cotton balls on light sores and wrap bandage around it.

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