Product Review: The Veggie Ball

Filled with romaine lettuce and cilantro.

This toy/accessory looks relatively unimpressive, but it’s actually really fun and a physical challenge for rabbits and other small pets. Just add fresh vegetables such as lettuce or herbs, hang it up, and let your bun figure out how to get the food. The height and swinging motion of the ball makes that task quite tricky. We found that the bigger the pieces of lettuce the more difficult it gets.

The ball is designed so that it can easily be hung from a cage, but since we don’t have one, we just used the back of an exercise bike.

What a balancing act!

Bunny has a lot of fun trying to reach his food. I’m sure his balance has improved and he probably trained some of those little muscles in his hind legs. It’s quite the entertainment for him and for everyone who gets to watch him. The only negative thing about this may be the fact that it is made of metal instead of chewable wood. As long as the chain is high enough, securely fastened, and inaccessible, there should be no danger of accidentally getting caught in it. Bunny definitely approves of this toy, see for yourself:



Author: Bunny Approved

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