Please Help us Choose Poster Designs

When it comes to wall decoration, there are choices that include rabbits, but none that were designed from a rabbit’s perspective. What would our bunnies hang on their walls if they could choose? Our Bailey would probably pick towels, which would be a little odd, but Bunny’s pick would certainly be food! No problem!

We thought it would be fun to offer posters that display a selection of rabbit favorites. So we chose a few pieces of produce, carried them to the local park, and did a produce portrait session while onlookers worried about our sanity.

The posters will be printed on beautiful 12×18″ classic felt paper. They will be double-sided, so there so there is room for a produce picture on one side and a different design (our Bunny Rules and the 9 Surefire Ways to Make Bunny Mad list) on the other side.

Here are the designs. Please help us out by choosing your favorites (we will print 2-3 different ones for now to offer in our shop). And yes, we are fully aware that these images are slightly humorous…


Banana 2 Banana Bell Pepper Carrots Cornflower Fennel

The Poll is Closed. Thank you for your input!

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Author: Bunny Approved

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