New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year to all the humans and rabbits out there!!! Now that 2013 has begun, we wanted to take the time and give you a Bunny Approved update. First of all, we love the community that has come together in just a handful of short months and we truly enjoy all comments and posts on our facebook page as well as the blog. We feel that Bunny Approved has become a friendly place for information and exchange for rabbit-related topics. So thank you for that!

The idea of forming Bunny Approved initially came into our heads, because Bunny had dog bowls, a cat litter box, and bird toys – but there was nothing available that was made for him specifically. So naturally, nothing met his little rabbit needs the way that we wanted. We knew that there were rabbit products out there, not just the ones that would fulfill basic needs, but also ones that would challenge his mind. The products are generally not available in the US, though. So it was our mission to get these products over here and offer them to those people who wanted them for their rabbits as much as we did.

We did a lot of research, contacted numerous companies all over the world, and are getting wholesale prices together. This is a slow process. Really slow. And the amount of product that has to be purchased to even get wholesale pricing is pretty high. We didn’t want to invest such a large amount of money in products we have only seen on the screen, so we have been ordering some of the products we would be interested in at retail prices and asked friends to mail them to us in the US for testing. Many of them met or exceeded our expectations. Some of them didn’t, though, and we are glad we do not have those here in large quantities. This really showed us that we need to continue our testing spree before buying anything wholesale.

It is still our goal to get a shop full of rabbit products up and running. We don’t just want to sell random items, though. We want to be able to stand behind every product that leaves our future office. We want to give honest and detailed descriptions of each item, including its positive and negative aspects. In short, we don’t just want to sell you stuff, we want to offer a variety of products and help you pick the best ones for your unique rabbit. This goal may take a bit longer to reach than we anticipated, but then the best ones always do.

Now that this fantastic community has come together, we have a second goal. We want to create a website that has every answer to every rabbit-lifestyle related question. We want to be your number one go-to place for rabbit-related information. And we want to teach the general public about those little buns. The first step towards that goal will be a newly designed website. Improvements are already underway and will get published shortly! The shop which will only be a small aspect of the website at first, and the blog will come together and everything will be easily accessible and well organized.

With all of these thoughts and goals we are ready for 2013 and hope you will continue to be a part of the Bunny Approved community in the future.

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  1. nylucky5707
    nylucky5707 On January 6, 2013 at 12:14 pm

    Looking forward to Bunny info!

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