Sweet BunnyBunny Approved was born when my husband Shawn and I adopted our Holland Lop named Bunny in early 2012. We realized very quickly that there were hardly any products out there for him and the options we found, especially the toys, severely underestimated his intelligence. We also found that most of the food options big pet stores offer were as removed from a natural rabbit diet as they could possibly make it. We wanted something better for our precious little bun.

Being from Europe myself and having grown up around rabbits, I knew there were other options out there. We started out by asking family members to send items over and tested many different products that way. Some were disappointing and we scratched those off of our list, but we also found a large amount of amazing products that were simply not available outside of Europe. It took many months of research, negotiation, and work, but we finally found a way to import these products at a reasonable price.

The only items you will see in our shop will be products that we offer or would offer our own Bunny. We will give you honest feedback about each and every product and will always be happy to hear your thoughts on any aspect of Bunny Approved. If you are a vendor or inventor with a great new small pet item, please contact us with a picture and description. We’d be happy to consider distributing it.

While we were waiting to get products in the shop, an amazing community has grown around Bunny and we sincerely enjoy interacting with all of you rabbit owners (or let’s face it: slaves) on facebook as well as this website.

In early 2014 we added Bailey to our family. She is also a beautiful Holland Lop, around Bunny’s age, and has a slight disability. Bunny and Bailey are now fully bonded after a rocky courtship.

For a look behind the scenes, check out this article. Thank you for spending time on BunnyApproved.com!

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