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Westmark Peeler Famos Germany

Westmark Vegetable Peeler “Famos”


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The Westmark Vegetable Peeler isn’t called “Famos” for no reason… This little tool has been around for over 70 years! In fact, it was the very first of its kind and is still amazing. This peeler is made in Germany from chromed metal with a stainless steel blade. The little knife on the side comes in handy when you need to remove small blemishes on vegetables or fruit. Comes in a retro-style box.

Bunny Approved: We chop vegetables (and some fruit) every day for our bunnies and many of them need to be peeled. The peeler we used to have caused more accidents than we care to admit, so one day I searched for the amazing peeler my mother used to have when I was a kid. Once you get used to the swivel blade, it peels vegetable skin as if it was soft butter. The blade is designed to only remove the skin, which means less waste and more food for the bunnies!

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