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Wahl Mini Massager

Wahl Cordless Mini Massager


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The cordless mini massager by Wahl offers possible health benefits for your senior or disabled rabbit. It comes with a total of 5 attachments, but only the spongy one is suitable for bunnies. The massager is just the right size and requires two AA batteries (not included). Do not use on spine, neck, or inner thighs.

Bunny Approved: This massager was recommended by and may help relieve pain, increase circulation, and relax muscles. Use it in addition to regular cuddling while the rabbit is comfortable and relaxed. Don’t force it if the rabbit doesn’t like it; the idea is to bring comfort to your bun (not stress). Ask your vet if a massage may be beneficial in your rabbit’s case. We just started massaging our disabled rabbit Bailey with this and are hoping for results shortly!

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