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Trixie Willow Bridge
Bunnies under the Wicker TunnelWillow

Trixie Wicker Bridge


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The Wicker Bridge made by Trixie is a fun, edible hideout for rabbits. It’s big enough for smaller rabbit breeds to crawl under and lounge on top of. Made from all-natural willow.

Size: 11.8″ x 6.3″ x 11.8″ / 30cm x 16cm x 30cm

Bunny Approved: If you have a small rabbit, this is a nice piece of furniture! Our bunnies enjoy napping under it. Even though it was probably meant for one rabbit at a time, our Holland Lops both fit side by side. Bailey especially enjoys napping underneath it. The bridge, which is really more of a tunnel, could be a bit bigger, but it’s still a neat item. If you have a large rabbit, check out the log bridge instead.

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