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Trixie Natura Outdoor Terrace

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A new Trixie product that makes playing outside extra fun – an outdoor bunny terrace! It’s made of weatherproof glazed pine and has two levels: the lower level serves as a sleeping and retreat area, the upper level as a viewing platform. The picture shows lattice all around, but the back area where the hiding spot is actually has a solid wood wall. Assembly required. The last Terrace we have has a slightly damaged box reflected in the price.

Please note that this piece of furniture is supposed to be used in a fenced yard, a play pen, or other enclosure. It is not a substitute for supervision and does not contain the rabbit in any way.

Size: 27.5″ x 15.7″ x 15.7″ / 70cm × 40cm × 40 cm

Bunny Approved: We saw this product and thought it would be perfect for our bunnies! They love hopping around in our fenced-in yard (under supervision, of course). Especially Bailey enjoys it a lot! The terrace was easy to assemble; only a screwdriver is required. It does have a strong pine smell, but this should only last a few days after opening the package. We recommend not leaving it exposed to the elements at all times to extend its life.

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