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Carolina Meadow April 2017
Carolina Meadow April 2017 CU

Bunny Approved Carolina Meadow

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Our homegrown mix of grass, herbs, and edible weeds, developed with the help of our Holland Lops Bunny and Bailey! All ingredients are grown in North Carolina and could be found by wild bunnies on local meadows. This is a treat meant to be sprinkled over existing hay to help increase hay consumption.

We harvest, dry, and pack twice a month and each batch will be unique and slightly different, depending on what plants are in season. Once a batch is gone, it’s gone. Each unopened batch is good for about a year.

Amount: 2.8 oz / 80 g

Due to travel and the hot weather we will resume Carolina Meadow in the fall.


May 2017: grass hay, clover, cornflowers, wild strawberry leaves, dandelion, prickly lettuce, high mallow, cow parsmip, flatweed, ribwort, rose petals, bull thistle, shepherd’s purse, fleabane, suckling clover, sow thistle, nasturtium, vetch, goosegrass
April 2017: grass hay, clover leaves, vetch, dead nettle, chickweed, shepherd’s purse, geranium, cleavers, dandelion, sow thistle, prickly lettuce, ribwort, speedwell, bedstraw, flatweed, field salad;
may contain yellow wood-sorrel (<2%)


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